Nov 12, 2006

Earn Money on Google AdSense using these Three Proven Strategies

Google AdSense is a great program that Internet businesses can utilize to make money. If you want to earn a significant amount of money through Google AdSense then read on. You will learn three proven strategies that will optimize your Google AdSense earnings.

Following are three ways to make money using Google AdSense:

1. Add more messages in your email sequence that is driving customers to your website pages that have Google AdSense advertisements. Increasing the frequency of your email messages will provide more chances for Internet visitors to click on your Google AdSense advertisements.

2. Send out a mass email, solo broadcast. Send out an email to drive traffic to your website page that contains the Google AdSense advertisements. Increase the amount of subscribers you have on your list.

3. Increase the amount of money you earn from the advertisements. For example, certain keywords cost more money in Google Adwords. Therefore, you can write articles that contain these high value keywords. You will earn more money through Google AdSense with these higher quality keywords.

Another strategy you can use is to place the keywords in your Title tag. The first 250 words on your website is the second most important piece of information. Write a line then insert a double space. Place keywords in this space. Highlight the keywords so that it is white. This will cause the keywords to blend into the background. Do not use this for search engine marketing! It will hurt you in search engine optimization. It is only used to increase the price you earn from Google Advertisements. The Google spiders see these keywords. However, the human eye will not detect the keywords.

How do you find the high paying keywords? Use This service provides you a quarterly listing of the high paying keywords. The service costs you money. However, it is a good investment because Google will not give information about the high paying keywords.

Tip: When you communicate with your list, you need to provide relevant content. Don’t just send poor content as filler. Don’t just send an article or email message to provide Google AdSense exposure. You need to provide content that is a benefit for your subscriber list.

How many emails should you send? You can send as many emails as you want. Sending out various emails is at your discretion. If you send out several emails per week it may annoy some of your subscribers. However, these subscribers can be deleted. You want to send out as many emails as you need because they are bound to bring in more orders for your product or service. Plus, it increases the amount of money you earn through Google AdSense if your subscribers click on the Google AdSense advertisements.

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