Nov 12, 2006

How To Create Digital Art Work?

Making digital art can be very easy and fanny. To make digital art you will need a computer and printer. You can start with redrawing your digital photographs admitting digital effects. To do this you can use photo editing software like Photoshop, Paintshop, GIMP( GNU Image Manipulation Program) and etc. To start using photo editing software you must learn it first. Then you can test all the digital effects in the software you should use. Don’t be afraid to play with the digital effects and to apply them to your digital photograph. Remember you can always recover your original image using Ctrl+Z (undo function). Now you are familiar with the photo editing software and visual effects. The next step is drawing. Test all draw instruments in your software and draw what you want in the image to make it looks like art work. Your imagination will tell you what to do. Now you have digital created art work and you may want to print it, put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. To print the image you will need a high quality photo printer and photo paper to ensure the best quality of your art work. Print the image and choose the perfect frame that match to your style. Put the printed image in the frame. Now you have perfect digital artwork, created by you. The author of this article is the proud owner of Photo Paradise, a site for Digital Photography and Digital Art.

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