Sep 20, 2007

Google Analytics

Its widely known, but some people let it slip under theyre feet, Google Analytics is a very powerfull traffic report tool, with google analytics you are granted acess to a lot of traffic analisis that are paid elsewhere for sure, charts, stats, keyword density, indexed pages, inbound links, etc...the list goes on and on and plus its free ! you only need to have a google account, wich you probably do already if you are a blogger.

I use Google Analytics everyday, for all my websites, If you dont do it already, start using as soon as possible.


Lupuzzzzzz said...

allow... nice blog.. n have a nice day

Makoy said...

thanks for leaving a comment in my blog. sure we can exchange links. just let me know if you have added me. :)

Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Hey nice blog !
Check Advertlets, it's pretty cool !

Here are few details

Add me to your blogroll if you like to, I will add it, once you add it, inform me.

Thanks !

Ahmed Mujtaba said...

I have added your blog to my blogroll.
Add mine,
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