Sep 17, 2007

More Traffic with BlogRush

The latest widget for traffic generation out there is BlogRush, it supposedly increases traffic from syndicating posts in neighboring members from the network.
You place the widget at your site and each time it gest viewed you get a credit to display your blog elsewhere... its new so I cant say for 100% sure it works but its defenitly worth trying !
(totally free widget)

Sign up for BlogRush.


Ddy N&A said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thank you very much for your praise :)

Your blog is very informative. Really nice.

Are You from Portugal? I want to meet Christiano Ronaldo :)

Your blog link will be appear in My Friends tree.

Put my blog link in your blog.

Thank you.

confessing7girl said...

hiii thanks for visiting and ur wonderful comment!!
as for blogrush im still alittle skeptical about it!! i dont think its gonna drive that much traffic to be worth to put the widget and get my blog to load even slower!! at least i hv to hv that kinda worry since i get some slow loading complains!!
loved ur blog!!
de portugal a serio?? me too eu tb!!

blackie921 said...

I'm a user of blogrush also. But i just sign up for a day.So, i still don't know it really works or not. You already in my list..